Why and when the frame geometry should be measured

For decades, in the car branch, wheel-alignment checks have been carried out as a matter of course after every minor bump. A motorcycle requires the same kind of verification following an accident. After all, frame geometry is related to safety on the road. A changed steering head angle, for example, can be the origin of the dangerous high-speed wobbling. Is the frame still true? Can one be sure that it is just the front fork which is bent? A single test drive cannot provide reliable and meaningful answers.
Furthermore, having binding documents with meaningful results is important proof for insurance issues. Once the damage-compensation procedure has been settled it might be difficult to claim for a damaged frame.
The Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate represents a major document – and not only after an accident. As a potential buyer of a second-hand motorcycle or scooter, one would surely appreciate a document verifying the undamaged status of the chassis. Also, the seller is protected against future claims from the buyer in this matter. Purchasing second-hand motorcycles or scooters without a Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate is an unnecessary risk.
Furthermore, the certificate provides valuable information for the workshop regarding troubleshooting of handling and chassis problems.

Why it makes sense for a workshop to invest in Scheibner equipment

Contrary to the traditional repair business, the future lies in diagnosis and documentation. This is exactly where the main focus of the workshops should be. Over the course of time, this development has become obvious. Nevertheless, it requires a far-reaching change in thinking among the staff. Whilst the number of motorcycle accidents is, fortunately, constantly decreasing, the expectations of the customers regarding diagnosis and documentation are, however, increasing.
The payback period for the measuring systems is short because many measurements can be preceded in a short time during the motorcycle season. Furthermore, in many cases the diagnosis leads directly to a follow-up repair. In addition, the workshop will enhance its reputation as a chassis and accident-related repair specialist. Extra profit will be generated.

Why it makes sense for an expert or (insurance) assessor to invest in Scheibner equipment

A basic element for the calculation of repair costs of accident-damaged vehicles is the diagnosis of the chassis geometry. The frame is, in most cases, the most expensive spare part if it has to be replaced. Without correct verification of potentially non-visible damage, the calculation remains a matter of guesswork. The Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate provides the necessary security – both on the road and concerning potential future legal disputes related to the damage repair. The systems are mobile, enabling the expert to use them in the workshops of his clients and even at private locations.

Why the Scheibner equipment is the better choice

Scheibner m-tec GmbH established standards with the Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate and professional concepts for chassis diagnosis after accidents. We provide the equipment for the various related tasks for workshops and experts.
Our mega-m.a.x system, developed especially for motorcycles, is used by BMW and Yamaha. With the mega-m.a.x, the measurement is extremely precise and unrivalled in speed. Under workshop conditions, a measurement takes about 15 minutes, depending on the vehicle.
This means that customers can wait directly for their measurement results and many measurements are possible during the short summer season in addition to the daily business. Most of the measurements are carried out automatically by mega-m.a.x. The measuring procedure follows a simple workflow. User errors are minimized. At the same time, we focus on avoiding disassembly work, so that with most vehicles, only the seat must be removed. With our comparatively light and mobile measuring systems, even customer visits are possible.

The advantages of the Scheibner support

Without current manufacturer or reference index data, a frame-measuring system is very limited in its application. We therefore maintain a uniquely complete database with manufacturer data for all current models. The database is constantly updated. It contains more than 1.800 different motorcycle models. It is permanently being extended, based on hundreds of reference measurements obtained through the friendly cooperation with our customers and the numerous manufacturers. Even the now historic vehicle stock from the 70’s and 80’s is revised and extended by us if necessary. The continuous updating of the database (as well as the software for the measuring systems) is performed through updates for registered customers via Internet download.
We know that only the ongoing exchange of information within a vivid network of experienced professionals enables optimal results. Several hundred motorcycle and scooter workshops as well as experts and assessors already work daily worldwide with our systems. Our many years of practical experience in the motorcycle branch and in the field of experts are available to our customers via our telephone and E-mail support:

+49 (0) 531 790259


Company Background

1983  Start of the motorcycle repair company Scheibner & Witte GbR

1987  Scheibner & Witte u.Co GmbH: Repairs of crashed motorcycles as well as frame measurements and frame straightening represented an important part of the activities of the company

1991  Scheibner Measuring Technology started selling a mobile frame measuring device, the Laser Frame Gauge and developed a system of meaningful dimensions for motorcycle frames

1997  m.a.x system: introduction of the first generation of a computer based frame and chassis measuring system

1998  Market launch of the f.e.in-system for evaluating damage of the front fork

2003  The m.i.n-system was introduced (frame measuring system with a telescopic sight)

2005  The mega-m.a.x replaced the m.a.x-system (increased speed and optimized handling were the major improvements)

2005  The CMS (Chassis maximizing system) was introduced – the optional upgrade for the mega-m.a.x, it provides the relevant information for racing and tuning purposes

2007  Scheibner Limited was established

2009  The BdZS, an independent union of single track vehicle experts, was founded with the active support of Scheibner Limited

2012  The f.i.x system for measuring scooters without dismantling was launched

2019  Market launch of the R.V.Arm device for easy measurement of wheels and brake discs

2019  Scheibner Limited was transferred to the Scheibner m-tec GmbH due to the Brexit event


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