The mega-m.a.x advantages

Mega-m.a.x profits from the specific experience gained by Scheibner Limited in the motorcycle measuring field over the years. Compare to other systems, mega-m.a.x offers speed, safety and comfort in the measurement - in short, an increase in efficiency.

The mega-m.a.x advantages:

  • No dismantling with nearly all bikes (including fairings)
  • Measurement within 10 minutes start to finish is possible
  • Measurements are carried out automatically - no manually involvement- user errors are reduced to the minimum
  • Results of the measurement are not affected by the state of the front fork
  • User friendly- the system prompts the user with step by step instructions guiding through the measuring procedure
  • The unique data includes over 1300 different models, covering the full scale on the market spectrum. 
  • Regular updates and constant access to the latest data via Internet guarantee uninterrupted data supply.
  • Due to close cooperation with the BMW AG measurements of the innovative chassis concepts of BMW are our standard business
  • Integrated self-tests check and recalibrate the system in order to minimize maintenance
  • Measurements of all relevant components (with the exception of the front fork, see of the bike are possible such as: main frame, frame rear, swing arm, brackets for fairings etc.
  • Upgrade your mega-m.a.x with the optional CMS (chassis maximizing system) for chassis tuning. Get definitive information and measurements on chassis variables

No other system provides as many advantages as the mega-m.a.x-system!

Filippo Salvi, our partner in Italy. His measuring service is highly appreciated by racing teams (Photo © Filippo Salvi).