Innovative and economic

Think businesslike: How many measurements per month will be possible with a tool like this! Don’t wait for the market to approach you. Read here more about Scheibner Limited professional vision.

The workshop decides on the necessity of a frame measurement after an accident and any other problem with the chassis. The repair company is involved to quite some extend into questions regarding  the safety of the motorcycle and the legal coverage of the customer.

Take advantage of a new additional business. Be quicker than your competitor - manage your workshop successfully. Present your shop as a specialist for chassis tuning and any accident repairs. Get an image for safety and generate additional profit.

The mega-m.a.x is very fast, meaning many measurements during the day to day business within the (short) motorcycle season are possible - the best requirement for a quick turn-over.

Frame measurements with quick and safe results will create an additional lucrative business- a short turnover - an extra service people will speak about - a reputation for safety.

Time consuming test drives will be reduced to a minimum.
For your customer it delivers confidence after an accident - safety when buying a used bike - safety on the road.

Stephan Avendichi, Israel, while measuring with the mega-m.a.x (Photo © Stephan Avendichi)