Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions of the case with the whole equipment: 860 x 700 x 200 mm
  • Weight complete: approx. 35 kg

Opto-electronic measurement of the basic frame

  • 2 CCD-measuring cameras
  • automatic computer controlled detection and measurement of the targets
  • infrared illuminated targets
  • resolution for angle measurements: 0.01°
  • resolution for measurement of distances: 0.1 mm

Laser measurement of the rear frame and the swing arm

  • moveable and rotating laser detects positions automatically
  • resolution of the integrated potentiometer: 0.25 mm

Standard equipment

  • RvWin software to administer the protocols and the reference data
  • Complete list of manufacturers  reference data
  • Universal mounting system to fasten the targets at the front fork
  • Presentable transportation case, fitting the boot of any compact car

(Photo: © Scheibner Limited)