f.i.x. - the special measurement system for scooters

Based on more than twenty years of experience in developing measuring systems for motorcycles, the f.i.x system was specifically built  in order to measure scooters inexpensively and without any dismantling.

Corresponding to our general philosophy the results will be presented via computer printout, the Scheibner scooter measuring protocol. This way the client has a full and detailed picture on the condition of his scooter.

In the past a scooter measurement was problematic.  Nearly always dismantling of the fairing was inevitable. Therefore measurements were very time consuming and thus expensive. The f.i.x-system offers a scooter measurement without dismantling.

As with the mega-m.a.x and the m.i.n systems, regular updates and constant data are available for the f.i.x users via the Internet. This guarantees uninterrupted data supply.
Our partners are used to our working methods and now can enjoy them once again with this new system. Together these available systems offer a full range of services.

(Photo: © Scheibner Limited)