Scheibner Limited profile

Company background

Scheibner & Witte and Co GmbH: Repairs of crashed motorcycles as well as frame measurements and frame straightening represented an important part of the activities of the company.

1991   Scheibner Messtechnik: Laser frame gauge and development of a system of meaningful dimensions for motorcycle frames.

1997   m.a.x system (computer based frame and chassis measuring system)

1998 system for evaluating damage of the front fork

2003   m.i.n system (frame measuring system with a telescopic sight)

2005   The mega-m.a.x replaces the m.a.x-system. Increased speed and optimized handling are the major improvements.

2005   The CMS (Chassis maximizing system) is introduced - the optional upgrade for the mega-m.a.x. It provides the relevant information for racing and tuning purposes.

2007   Scheibner Limited was established.

2012   The f.i.x system for measuring scooters without dismantling was launched.

Current situation: Several hundred partners worldwide work with our systems. Universal protocols (Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate) with understandable specifications are accepted by insurance companies, experts, manufacturers, workshops and motorbike owners.

Bernd Scheibner
(Foto: © Scheibner Limitied)