The measuring process - How it works

Two digital measuring cameras detect the position of the steering head axis automatically. They indicate the measuring targets mounted to the front fork in a left and right position of the handle bar. The mega-m.a.x surveying programme is 'self explaining' and leads the user through the whole procedure. The user can download regularly the complete reference index data.

Martin Bauer uses the mega-m.a.x. Martin Bauer won three times the International German Superbike championship IDM (Photo © Martin Bauer)

The measurement procedure in detail:

  1. Mount the bracket in the central drillings of the swing arm axle. If necessary make use of the various adapters supplied with the system. The arm for the adjustment of the inclination of the bracket should be mounted, for instance, underneath the seat. The target bracket is attached without adjustments to the front fork with the help of the universal arm delivered with the system.
  2. Connecting the computer, used for the measurement to the system, starting the software and selecting the appropriate model will lead you directly to the measuring programme.
  3. Please follow the advice of the programme by turning the front fork to either side and let the system take its readings.
  4. If necessary take the readings for the rear frame, swing arm or any other required measuring point. Therefore you position the laser on the back of the measuring bracket according to the advice of the programme. The final judgment of the measurement is a straight forward procedure due to the easy to understand tables and graphics of the Scheibner chassis certificate.