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Private customers

If you would like to have your motorcycle, scooter or MP3 measured, a map with our contract partners can be found below

Commercial customers

If you are interested in commercial use, an overview of our measuring systems is available here

At Scheibner m-tec GmbH, we have been producing and selling mobile measurement systems for motorcycle frames and chassis for over 30 years, thereby enabling expert reports on the condition of the vehicle geometry

Under ›Information‹ you will find an overview of all the important questions, why measurement is necessary and what the advantages of Scheibner measuring systems are

What is important to us

Customer service

We are there for you and provide a database with the characteristics of over 1,800 vehicle models

Good results

We are working on standards for meaningful measurement protocols, such as the ›Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate‹


We are convinced that the best ideas are created within a community – which is why we work with hundreds of contract partners worldwide

Five different measuring systems for five different requirement fields




Chassis tuning



Fork measurement


Brake discs & wheels

What our measuring systems measure and what the results in the protocols look like

1  The camber deviation of a single-track vehicle or two-wheeler describes the position of the steering head axis relative to the swinging arm axis, with regards to distortion around the longitudinal axis of the vehicle
2  Steering head angle and length A and B provide the information displayed at the image. Please note that the steering head angle of the frame does not necessarily correspond with the rake or steering head angle of the complete motorcycle on the road such as mentioned in brochures
3  The longitudinal axis setting is a measurement of the offset of the steering head axis relative to the midplane of the motorcycle. Please note that this value solely provides information for the expert and is, on its own, not relevant in the case of an accident
4  The tail offset is the sideways offset of the frame rear to the midplane
5  Rear wheel offset is the sideways offset of the rear wheel to the midplane
6  Distortion of the swing arm is the distortion of the rear wheel axis relative to the swing arm axis from the rear view
7  Misalignment of the swing arm is the distortion of the rear wheel axis relative to the swing arm axis as viewed from above (problems are related in most cases to chain adjustment and not accident-related)


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