Front end/Front, Motorcycle The Feinbank-System is used for the exact measurement of the relevant components of the front end, such as stanchions, triple clamps (yokes), brake discs, wheels, etc. The Feinbank-System also includes RvFeinbank-Software for the evaluation and documentation, i.e. printout. With the measurement of the front end, you thus…

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Frame/chassis, Motor racing, Motorcycle The CMS (Chassis Maximizing System) is the optional extension of the mega-m.a.x for racing and an ideal tool for racing teams and workshops specializing in chassis tuning. It provides the relevant data on the complete motorcycle such as caster, steering angle, swingarm angle (downslope), front height,…

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Frame/chassis, Motorcycle Play Video The mega m.a.x is our standard measuring system for motorcycles and determines the geometric condition of the frame and other important chassis components independently of any possible damage to the front fork. It is possible to measure the swing arm, the rear frame and any definable…

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