The CMS (Chassis Maximizing System) is the optional extension of the mega-m.a.x for racing and an ideal tool for racing teams and workshops specializing in chassis tuning. It provides the relevant data on the complete motorcycle such as caster, steering angle, swingarm angle (downslope), front height, rear height, front and rear axle height, wheelbase, etc.
A simulation program based on the exact values of the measured motorcycle is used for chassis optimization and tuning. Configurations (setups) can be determined and archived and thus help, for example, to restore the optimum setting of front and rear height after a change to tires with different diameters.

Measuring procedure: The CMS is pushed onto the left centering shaft of the mega-m.a.x. From there the CMS measurement is performed with the mega-m.a.x. Finally the positions of the axes etc. are determined with the horizontally and vertically movable lasers. The evaluation of the results appears in the printable measurement report on the PC.

Measurement result: Setups and simulation results that you can print out on your computer using our software:

Standard equipment: CMS, software, case
Dimensions of the case with entire equipment: 2050 x 410 x 170 mm
Weight complete: approx. 27 kg

What the CMS system measures and what the results look like in the measurement report