The Feinbank-System is used for the exact measurement of the relevant components of the front end, such as stanchions, triple clamps (yokes), brake discs, wheels, etc. The Feinbank-System also includes RvFeinbank-Software for the evaluation and documentation, i.e. printout. With the measurement of the front end, you thus complete the frame measurements with the mega-m.a.x. At the end, you can provide your customers the complete documentation in the form of precisely coordinated measurement protocols. This applies to the condition of all front end components, which are known to be primarily at risk in any accident event. The case of the Feinbank-System contains the three measuring devices required for this purpose:

  1. R.V.Arm for brake discs and wheels without disassembly directly on the motorcycle
  2. Feinbank-Measuring-Stand for the tubes of the stanchions and e.g. front wheel pivot after removal (without disassembly of the stanchions).
  3. f.e.in device for the triple clamps using the previously checked stanchions

By the way: The three components of the Feinbank-System are also available individually. Please ask us.

Measuring procedure

Measurements with the Feinbank-System are typically carried out following the measurement of the frame. For this purpose, the front is lifted, e.g. with a suitable scissor or parallel jack, so that the front wheel no longer touches the ground. The measurement of the wheel's radial and lateral runout can now be performed quickly and easily with the R.V.Arm, as well as that of the brake discs. Likewise the brake discs. The front wheel is then removed and the two stanchions are pulled downwards out of the triple clamps. The measurement of the tubes of the stanchions can now be carried out extremely precisely on the Feinbank-Measuring-Stand. In the third and final step, we push the stanchions back into the triple clamps and measure the triple clamps with the f.e.in device. After entering the measured values and selecting the tolerances fitting for the motorcycle type, we print out the respective measurement protocols.

Measurement results:

scope of delivery: Transportation case, all three measuring devices: R.V.Arm, Feinbank-Measuring-Stand, f.e.in, RvFeinbank-Software
Dimensions and weight of the case completely equipped with all three measuring instruments: 1200 x 400 x 170 mm, approx. 14 kg


The Feinbank-Measuring-Stand makes measuring the tubes of stanchions much easier, especially when it comes to the necessarily precise results. Previously used constructions with screw clamps, assistants and other resources are no longer necessary. Furthermore, the measurement no longer requires a plane table; it can be done on the move. The Feinbank-measuring stand is a component of the Feinbank-System, but can also be ordered separately and unpackaged.

Measurement procedure:

The dismantled – but not disassembled – stanchion is clamped in the height- and side-adjustable hard-plastic v-section bocks. They can be rotated if required or firmly clamped. A holder for the dial gauge with the R.V. arm can be fixed at the required position. Depending on the construction of the front fork (conventional or upside-down), the required measurements are taken by rotating the inner and/or outer tubes. The documentation by means of computer printout is carried out via the RvFeinbank-Software

Measuring result:

Scope of delivery for ordering as a single component:

Feinbank-Measuring-Stand, not included are dial gauge, R.V.Arm, RvFeinbank-Software, f.e.in device and the case.

Dimensions and weight of the Feinbank-Measuring-Stand: 1000 x 400 x 170 mm, approx. 7 kg



With the f.e.in device, you finally measure the triple clamps. To do this, you need previously measured stanchions that have been found to be true. The rock of the f.e.in measuring plate on the tubes in the drillings for the stanchions in the triple clamps is used to calculate the measurement for the torsion of the triple clamps. Both triple clamps are considered as one unit, consisting of the upper and lower triple clamp. For the measurement of the wide front forks of the various cruiser models, an additional second (wider) measuring plate is used. The delivery of the f.e.in device in a wooden box as a separate measuring tool is also possible

Measurement procedure:

The measuring plate is placed on the tubes inserted in the triple clamps. The clamp for holding the dial gauge must be mounted on the appropriate (correct) side. Now the tilting of the measuring plate on the tubes can be measured. The documentation by means of computer printout is done via the RvFeinbank software.

Measurement results:

Scope of delivery for ordering as a single component:

Two f.e.in measuring plates with miniature dial gauge in a wooden case. Not included are Feinbank-Measuring-Stand, RvFeinbank-Software, case and R.V.Arm.

Dimensions of the wooden case: 260 mm x 180 mm x 40 mm, weight: approx. 0.5 kg (incl. wooden case)


With the R.V.Arm device, brake discs and wheels are measured without any dismantling. The large clamp allows the universal arm to be attached almost anywhere, e.g. to the outer tubes of the stanchions. A secure positioning of the dial gauge on the brake disc or the rim is therefore very easy to achieve. In this way, the wheel or brake‐disc runout can be measured faster and more reliably than with the dismantled wheel on a wheel‐runout stand. The small dial gauge of the f.e.in device is perfectly suited in combination with the R.V.Arm.

Measurement procedure:

The front of the motorcycle must be lifted so that the front wheel can rotate freely. Clamp the R.V.Arm to suitable places on the brake caliper or stanchion. The protection of the surfaces works optimally by means of a paper pad. The dial gauge is placed according to the measuring tasks. The documentation by means of computer printout is carried out via the RvFeinbank-Software.

Scope of delivery for ordering as a single component:

R.V.Arm with clamp and dial gauge holder. Not included are dial gauge, Feinbank-Measuring-Stand, RvFeinbank-Software and f.e.in device.

Dimensions and weight: max. Clamp opening: 105 mm, max. Distance clamp to dial gauge holder approx. 240 mm, approx. 1.4 kg


The RvFeinbank-Software is the central element for the three individual components R.V.Arm, Feinbank-Measuring-Stand and f.e.in device. All three components together with the RvFeinbank-Software are called the Feinbank-System. With the RvFeinbank-Software you generate, print and save the respective measurement reports. The software already contains some empirical values for the necessary limit values (tolerance data sets). These can be supplemented and edited by the user through his own research into the tolerance specifications of the vehicle manufacturers, e.g. in workshop manuals. Alternatively, we also offer a much more extensive collection of tolerance data sets for an additional charge. This saves you a lot of effort in searching for the correct tolerances.

What the Feinbank-System measures and what the results look like in the measurement protocols