In order to measure e-bikes, bicycles and the like, we have developed the Fahrfix system. It is suitable for checking evaluates the positions of the two wheel axles axis of an e-bike, bicycle or similar in relation to each other. Measurement procedure: The measurement procedure corresponds in large parts to that of the f.i.x system for scooters. Fahrfix measures determines the position of the wheel axlesaxes based on two U-shaped brackets, each with two centering shafts. Additional adapters ensure that the wheel axles correspond to the partial axles of the U-shaped yokesbrackets. The laser at the rear, which is slid onto on the centering shafts, and the mirror at the front initially enable exact alignment of the wheels in the straight-ahead position. FurthermoreSubsequently, the interlocking distortion (camber) and the offset of the wheels can be measured on this basis. Manual measurements of the wheel distance and optional further measurements complete the process. Accompanying the measurement procedure or at the end as a whole, you enter the determined values and further information into the software.

The software for creating the measurement reports, collecting the data, and managing the measurements you have already performed is accessed via the Internet in your browser. The user community thus has a common cloud platform to quickly create a useful orientation in the multitude of types in this field. This also sets an important course for future viability: The software runs independently of the respective operating system.

Measuring result:

Laser ‐ optical diode power: < < 1 mW
Laser - wavelength: 650 nm
Laser - Divergence: 1 mrad

scope of delivery: Fahrfix with Laser- and mirror-unit, 2 U-shaped brackets, adapter for centering, access to the browser-based software, transportation case

dimensions and weight: 600 mm x 400 mm x 223 mm, approx. 8 kg (incl. case)

What the Fahrfix measures and what the results look like in the measurement protocols