The m.i.n system is a full size measuring system, meaning it provides all the relevant of the frame and the sub-frame. The Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate is the result of the measuring procedure. It gives also to the small workshops with limited budget the opportunity to offer their clients this important service. Please find a helpful table to distinguish between the different systems here.

Handling of the system is very easy. Apart from the precision telescopic sight and a special mirror the system consists of only mechanical components. The telescopic sight is more accurate compared to a laser regarding the determination of the target. Taking bearings with the telescopic sight and measuring different distances provides all the necessary information for the calculation of the protocol.

Special adapters for mounting the system into the steering head are not needed, because the system is fixed directly into the steering head of the frame with universal cones.

The m.i.n advantages:

  • Unrivalled cheap solution, due to a remarkably simple construction
  • All vehicles with a conventional steering head are measurable apart from BMW-Tele and Duo lever and Yamaha GTS1000 (for a detailed comparison between the mega-m.a.x and the m.i.n, please click here)
  • Simple bearings with the precision telescopic sight and distance measurements provide the complete information for the protocol
  • Only the front fork has to be removed
  • No calibration or tuning of the system out of the general service intervals is necessary
  • Windows software for management, calculation and printout of the protocols
  • Complete database, identical to the mega-m.a.x with more than 1,300 different types, constantly updated