The f.i.x advantages

The f.i.x-system offers the opportunity to enlarge the number of your clients and to increase profits:
  • Low purchase and maintenance costs allow customer-friendly pricing policies
  • Measurement in few minutes
  • Results within a couple of minutes
  • An updated database containing the setpoint values of various scooters is available for our customers
  • Whereas available wheel offset measuring systems will provide mostly information regarding the wheel offset of the vehicle, f.i.x produces a computer printout with complete results for the camber, the wheel distance and the wheel offset. The precise laser-mirror-system is crucial for the required accuracy.
  • No dismantling with nearly all scooters
  • The measurement is done in few easy step
  • The Scheibner-Scooter-Measuring-Protocol offers a detailed documentation of the scooter's state

(Photo: © Scheibner Limited)