What is the Scheibner Limited professional vision?

Contrary to the traditional repair business, the future lies in diagnosis and documentation. Exactly here is where the main focus of the workshops should be. This development became obvious along the years. Nevertheless it requires a far-reaching change in thinking among the staff. In the past the workshops a main source of the profit was generated by engine repairs. Today this branch is relatively marginal as the reliability of engines was increased substantially. Beneath the everywhere present electronics, diagnosis and documentation of crash related damages are an increasing field. Lucky enough the number of motorcycle accidents is constantly decreasing, but the expectations of the customers regarding diagnosis and documentation are increasing.

A simple road-test might have been accepted by the clients in the past. But not at least since chassis measurements are the common procedure in the car industry for years, why would a motorcycle owner acknowledge a simple road-test, relying of the subjective feeling of the mechanic, for his expensive and precious purchase? We are convinced the changing demands of the clients will require an advanced service standard regarding diagnosis and documentation.  As a consequence we as Scheibner Limited are strongly promoting the Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate in order to make it the standard in the motorcycle branch.

Alfred Gebhardt, one of our partners in Germany and his mobile mesuring service (Photo: © Immo Dubies, atv-quad-magazin)
    The thorough evaluation of relevant components of motorcycles and scooters after an accident, or before purchasing a used one, with modern systems, providing transparent results and valid documentation, is widely recognized. We take part in creating standards and offer equipment for experts and workshops accordingly.

It is a trivial fact that reality falls behind vision. With the time, the market itself, i.e the riders, the mechanical staff and insurance companies, recognize the additional value and necessity reliable diagnostic results. But we are at the beginning of a long voyage. It is not easy to influence the market behavior and educate the costumers. From our understanding, traditional marketing alone will not do the job. Creative ideas are needed. We are happy to realize and support activities of our partners pointing into the same direction.

Not only after an accident is documentation crucial. When buying or selling a second hand scooter or motorcycle the Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate confirms the state of the frame and other parts of the chassis. It provides the necessary legal safety. This is the background for a nice idea of some of our partners:

The idea is quite simple, but nonetheless effective: A Scheibner-Chassis-Certificate is attached to used motorcycles offered for sale in the showroom (and via internet). The seller pays for the measurement, as it is his interest to prove that the chassis is in good condition. See here Adam Nowak, our partner in Poland. By the way, he measures every year approx. 160 motorcycles - his service created resonance in his region and is asked for.

Adam Nowak, one of our partners in Poland. He attaches Scheibner-Chassis-Certificates to used motorcycles offered in his shop. The state of the frame and the chassis is displayed to the potential buyer (Photo: © Philip Nowak)